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Scuba Dive Aliwal Shoal

Diving the pristine Southern Reefs off Scottburgh in the KZN region of beautiful South Africa means diving one of the top 10 dive sites in the world! Visibility can range from average to excellent and, while the currents can range from mild too strong.

If you’re travelling from abroad to dive this world-renowned site.

Come dive the warm South Coast waters and experience water temperatures averaging 23 degree celsius, and the dive of a lifetime!

Stunning Reefs
Shark Diving

There are many popular dive sites to explore on the Aliwal Shoal.

Cathedral – One of most popular dive sites.

Raggies Cave – Brilliant for ragged tooth shark sightings in winter, this is one of the best shark photography opportunities. At a maximum depth of 18 metres, this site is ideal for Open Water divers.

Produce – The most famous ship to run aground on the reef in 1974. The wreck teems with fish life and brindle bass.

SS Nebo – This British steamer fell victim to the shallow pinnacles of Aliwal Shoal. She sank after 15 minutes and lay quietly at rest for almost a century before she was first dived.

Chunnel – At only 14 meters depth, Chunnel and its small cave makes it ideal for Open Water diving.

Inside Edge – A magnificent wall that runs from north to south along the coastline and plunges some 10 metres from the reef plateau to the surrounding sand.

North Sands – There is more to North Sands than the scenery. Somewhat surprisingly, it is also one of the shoal’s most prolific dive sites in terms of marine life.

Add another adventure to your bucket list!

Aliwal Shoal

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